Respect for the Religion of Light

sun-handThe Religion of Light is never treated as some cheap trinket which one would pick up in a novelty shop. It is not a game to be played like children in school. It is not something one puts away in a closet at the end of the day like a coat or a pair of shoes.

The Religion of Light and all that it entails is to be respected and honoured in one’s speech, in one’s actions and in one’s day to day living. Practising the Religion of Light and living the Religion is one and the same. The two can not be separated. The Religion of Light is lived every minute, every hour, every day throughout one’s entire lifetime. Those who claim to be devotees of Aten, yet at the same time show disrespect toward the Religion through their speech or actions, by mixing forms of falsehood with revelations of Truth, have no place in the halls of the Holy Temple.
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Practising Compassion and Tolerance With All Peoples

One of the central teachings of the Temple of Aten is “Do No Harm.” One can not practice compassion without tolerance. This is a quality practised by the the devotees of Aten and Akhenaten. In the words of their mouth and in the movement of their hands, devotees have compassion and loving-kindness towards all peoples, all nations and tongues, and all those who practice foreign religions and to all those who hold to ideals not similar to Atenism.

The compassion and tolerance of devotees of the Religion of Light, does not cause them to set aside caution concerning the adoption of various teachings or ideals which are false. Being children of the Light, they are aware of the dangers of speaking and acting out of the truth that has been revealed to them by Aten through Akhenaten and other servants. The worshippers of the One God are well aware of how one can become spiritually unclean by touching that which is false. They know that the Divine Barque will pass them by if they have become unclean due to accepting false teachings.
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