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The Work of Moon and Sun (via Light of Mani)

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“The Sun and Moon… are Ships conveying the Souls of the dying from Matter to Light, always separating the Divine Power from Matter and escorting it to God… For in waxing the Moon receives its Power… and becomes filled therewith in the due time; then it brings about its own waning by discharging the freight to send it on to the Sun, and that returns it to God. And having done this, it receives again a migration to Itself of the Soul from the ne … Read More
via Light of Mani

Ten Manichaean Commandments

1. You shall worship the One God and not commit yourself to the worship of idols; not bowing down to physical objects or ideals in order to worship them.

2. You shall not be dishonest in your ways.

3. You shall not be greedy.

4. You shall not murder a man, a woman or a child, neither shall you abort an infant; and you shall not commit to unnecessary killing of any life including animals and plants.

5. You shall not be unfaithful to your spouse.

6. You shall not commit theft.

7. You shall not seduce someone in order to mislead them.

8. You shall not practice magic.

9. You shall not commit hypocrisy in your ways.

10. You shall seek peace and be fair to all regardless of a person’s ethnicity, color, nationality, religious beliefs, or sexuality.

On the Use of the Term Paraclete

The Apostle Mar Mani uses the term “Paraclete” in various manners as shown below.

1. Holy Spirit
2. Spirit of holiness
3. Guidance
4. Guide
5. Comfort
6. Comforter
7. Teacher
and others.

The term Paraclete itself is from the Greek παράκλητος. His main use is seen in the second sense above as “spirit of holiness”, from the Aramaic “Rukha d’kudsha.” By this, Mar Mani means purity, guidance from the Divine Stream of the Spirit of God.

“Let us worship the spirit of the Comforter.

Let us bless Maran Eshoo who has sent us the Spirit of Truth.

He (Maran Eshoo) came and separated us from the Error of the World.

He brought us a mirror. We looked into it, and saw in it the Universe.”

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