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The Work of Moon and Sun (via Light of Mani)

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“The Sun and Moon… are Ships conveying the Souls of the dying from Matter to Light, always separating the Divine Power from Matter and escorting it to God… For in waxing the Moon receives its Power… and becomes filled therewith in the due time; then it brings about its own waning by discharging the freight to send it on to the Sun, and that returns it to God. And having done this, it receives again a migration to Itself of the Soul from the ne … Read More
via Light of Mani

Happy birthday to Apostle-Prophet Mar Mani

Happy Birthday!

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Today is the founder of Manichaeaism Apostle-Prophet Mar Mani’s birthday.

This day is observed by the Holy and Ancient Apostolic Manichaean Church/Temple.

Happy birthday Mar Mani!


The Twelve Manichaean Virtues


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In the Holy Gospel of the Prophet Mani, we are told of twelve virtues in particular.

The Gospel of Mar Mani says:

“The first is Royalty, the second Wisdom, and the third Victory; the fourth is Contentment, the fifth Purity and the sixth Truth; the seventh is Faith, the eight Patience and the ninth Sincerity; the tenth is Kindness, and the eleventh is Justice, while the twelfth is Light.”

“Our father Mani, our Saviour, O glorious one”

Leaf from a Manichaean Book. Khocho, Ruin K. 8...

Leaf from a Manichaean Book Image via Commons

Many of the Manichaean writings, in particular some of the Psalms, refer to Mar Mani the Apostle-Prophet as a “saviour” and praise is accorded to him throughout these texts.  How is it that Mani is given such a glorious title as “saviour”?

The Manichaean Holy Book speaks of Mar Mani as being a reflection of Saviour, sent by the Abba d’Rabbuta (the Great Father, or Father of Greatness).

Manichaean Ishmaelites are quite familiar with the phrase “Mirror of God” and “mirror of the Right Hand of God.”  This refers to the Divine Messenger sent to earth, often called the Memra or Miltha in Aramaic - the earthly manifestation of the Word of God.  The term “mirror”, used in this sense, refers to the fact the individual chosen to be a Messenger or Manifestation, reflects an exact image of the Divine Will in the earth and in the heavens.  Thus, such terms and phrases are not foreign to Ishmaelites.

Mar Mani the Apostle-Prophet was given this same title because he was the mirror or reflection of the will of Eeshoo (manifested in the time of Moses and appeared again in the First Century AD), which in turn was the will of the Divine Source, sometimes called Ahayah (God).

The phrase “our father Mani, our Saviour, O glorious one” is from  the Manichaean Throne (Bema) Psalm 240.

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