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The Logical Extension of Love and Compassion

The world is in a state of turmoil. People at this time, live in great uncertainty and are very troubled. Sometimes, this turmoil erupts into violence against others.

Manichaean Nabataeans (Orthodox Atenists) are non-political.  They do not take sides in the matter of governments or property because that is not their focus - their focus is on the One God.

But in saying Atenists are not political, this doesn’t mean they turn a blind eye to the suffering caused by individuals or groups that believe their respective causes justify hurting and killing others.
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Happy birthday to Apostle-Prophet Mar Mani

Happy Birthday!

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Today is the founder of Manichaeaism Apostle-Prophet Mar Mani’s birthday.

This day is observed by the Holy and Ancient Apostolic Manichaean Church/Temple.

Happy birthday Mar Mani!


Manichaean Church - One Tribe, One Faith and One Nation

The traditional, ancient Manichaean Church/Temple was established on the Spring Equinox in the year 242 CE. That is “Year 1″ for the Manichaean Church. The current church year, as of the Spring Equinox of 21 March 2011, is 1769. Our calendar is based on the annual equinoxes.

The Tribe of Ishmael echos the ancient religion established by Naby Shlikha Mar Mani in 242 CE (AD). The Idta (Greater Church Body, or Temple) has her own Scriptures and Traditions. Manichaean Ishmaelites have hope in God’s restored Theocratic Kingdom of Nabataea.

The Holy and Ancient Manichaean Church is not a “neo” or “new age” sect, but finds its expression in the ancient Faith known in the time of Mar Mani, within a modern day setting. We look to Ishmael as our tribal founder with a special focus on Mar Mani concerning various doctrinal subjects.

1) The Tribe of Ishmael
2) The Religion of Manichaeism
3) The Kingdom of Nabataea

The Tribe was not originally Manichaean. The Religion of Mani was not Ishmaelite historically and the Kingdom of Nabataea was neither exclusively Ishmaelite or Manichaean historically. But today, these elements are no longer separate but one. One Tribe, One Faith and One Nation.

We are strengthened by each component of this triad. The Tribe, the Faith and the Nation need to be a perfect, harmonious synthesis of elements. They are all Divinely sanctioned and all working toward the same goal.

It is more important that the Tribe, the Religion and the Kingdom become what they are meant to become in this world, a means to save lost souls from the clutches of the evil one. Whatever it takes for that to happen, that is what this Tribe must do.

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A Great Blessing

A great blessing for the Manichaeans in this age is that people do not really know what it is or what it believed or practised, only that it existed many ages ago. The reason this is a benefit and not an obstacle is that we are not required to undo peoples mis-perceptions about our beliefs and practices (in any great capacity) merely share our faith and live our faith peacefully.

For example, It is hard to teach the people of Yeshua by the standards of the Didache because people believe they know all there is to know about Him. They believe Christianity is the epitome of this, or Messianic Judaism, because of this, if it is not one of the sects belonging to these institutions, they are not listening. They do not want to be corrected.
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