Respect for the Religion of Light

sun-handThe Religion of Light is never treated as some cheap trinket which one would pick up in a novelty shop. It is not a game to be played like children in school. It is not something one puts away in a closet at the end of the day like a coat or a pair of shoes.

The Religion of Light and all that it entails is to be respected and honoured in one’s speech, in one’s actions and in one’s day to day living. Practising the Religion of Light and living the Religion is one and the same. The two can not be separated. The Religion of Light is lived every minute, every hour, every day throughout one’s entire lifetime. Those who claim to be devotees of Aten, yet at the same time show disrespect toward the Religion through their speech or actions, by mixing forms of falsehood with revelations of Truth, have no place in the halls of the Holy Temple.

Those who mix various forms of worship, false and true, pagan, New Age, Wicca, magic and the like, with the Religion of Light, are not practising truth at all and have no place in the Holy Temple. Such individuals are only fooling themselves and are handing their soul over to the darkness that resides beneath their very feet. While the people of the Religion of Light practise compassion and tolerance towards people of other religious practices and ideals, it does not permit the adoption of the same among its own. This ensures that those who are striving to worship the One God remain pure in His Presence.

Those who are true to the Religion of Light raise it up to a high station above the philosophies of the sons of men and revere its teachings, principles, texts and imagery. They always act honourably toward those who have been entrusted to teach its principles. They safeguard the texts as they would one of their own family members. They always speak highly of the Religion of Light, at home, in the courtyard and in the street among others. They hold the Religion very dear to them and will defend it if necessary.

O Aten, You who come forth from the East, shine Your Holy Light upon the fields of the sons of men, so that Your truth may always reign triumphantly and be known by all the inhabitants of the land.

O Aten, You who are the Strong Tower upon the Great Hill, protect Your people from all forms of falsehood, always keeping Your people pure and holy within Your Presence, so that they may teach others throughout the land.

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