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The Narrative About the Infancy of Moses and Jesus

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Author Kharba Awraham connects the lives of Akhenaten and Tutenkhaten with Moses and Christ.  Historical evidence shows that Christ lived in much earlier times than once believed by some historians.

Awraham says, “The information about certain discoveries is not new. It has been in the public arena for a very long time….The historical, exoteric aspects are alluded to in the writings in the Dead Sea Scrolls, in the Nag Hammadi Library, in the writings of Philo, in the discoveries by noted Egyptologist Ahmen Osman.”

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Another Earthquake Strikes Japan

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A 6.6 magnitude earthquake recently struck Japan’s coast.  Tsunami warnings were issued by government officials but later canceled.

Japan has already suffered numerous quakes.  Now, amid nuclear radiation fears, the government has informed residents in three new areas that they should prepare to move to other locations and be out of their homes within the next one to three months.

Prayers go out in behalf of the families and individuals affected by these recent tragedies.


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