Nothing in the World is Permanent

Nothing in this world is permanent. Gold, silver, jewels, and the like, can all eventually become like dust in the world of darkness. The sons and daughters of Light understand this, thus they do not focus their attention on gross material gain, but rather the spiritual treasures that are afforded to those who do the will of the Father who comes with His Light in the morning Horizon.
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Do Not Mislead the Children of Light

Unfortunately, the children of light could be mislead by various ways by those with ill intentions. This is forbidden by the All-Supreme Pharaoh, blessed be his name, also known as the Messenger of the Third Era. This is especially the case when a brother or sister is led to break or defile one of the Divine Precepts (Commandments).
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Akhenaten and the Religion of Light

Akhenaten, Nefertiti and their three eldest da...

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“The Aten was actually not the sun disk, but rather the light that is in the sun and which, radiating from it, calls the world to life and keeps it alive.” (page 54)

There have been so many scholars that have said “Aten is the sun” worshipped by Akhnaten’s people, as if we worship the sun itself!

The quote is from the book Akhenaten and the Religion of Light by Eric Hornung.