A Bounty of Food Awaits the One Who Truly Seeks It

pomegranate-fruit-grapesThere is never enough time in the day, nay in the entire lifetime of a man, to read and study the writings of the sons of men so as to gain perfect knowledge. Truly, it is a hobby for some to read, and yet for some men it is to gain a perspective of others on any given subject. None should be chastised for such; unfortunately, however, it is a crutch for many other men and women. These latter ones will never gain the truth, and they will never gain the divine state if they do not abandon that which is false. It is because the latter choose to base their faith on the theories of the sons of men rather than upon the golden gems of truths flowing forth like blessed milk and honey from the hand of the Lord above the Horizon.

True knowledge is divine knowledge, and only the knowledge of Aten will provide one with the way to eternal life in the Horizon of Light.

Oh you children of earth, when will you cast away your desire for falsehood, pretence and forms? Come unto Aten who rises in the day and provides you many opportunities to gain true knowledge at His Table of Light. Come unto Him and occupy yourself with the truth and its work. Fill yourself with the bounty upon His Divine Table. This bounty of food awaits all those who truly seek it.

Oh Aten, Lord above the Horizon of Light, spread forth the knowledge of Your way throughout the land for the benefit of all peoples, nations and tongues.

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