Akhnaten on His Role as Servant to Aten

“I am not your master. Only Aten is your Master.

“As far as Atenists are concerned in relation to Akhnaten, they simply need to know I am continuing to teach, and through my earthly representatives. Those who are unable to accept revelation will not be able to accept the full realization of the mountain in the Horizon of Light when they arrive and may very well be transferred to a boat to go elsewhere which would indeed be a most unfavorable place.

“The actions of Aten are manifested in human form… The realities of Aten exist in His Messenger, Akhnaten. But this does not put the Messenger on the same level as Aten. Aten is above all things of this world. Akhnaten is powerless if He does not have Aten. The Messenger is one with the mind of Aten just as you too can become one with Aten. Seek the blessing of Aten through Akhnaten. This is how Aten comes down to the earth and remains with sincere devotees who work hard in His garden, and the Messenger works hard with the laborers.” - Akhnaten: Words of Life: Volume 1.

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